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Adaptive Course Design

This guide enables faculty to design quality courses on Schoology. These courses can be taught remotely or traditionally. The main guiding feature of this LibGuide is the Adaptive Course Design Rubric.

6. Backward Planning: Creating The Thread Between SLOs', Assessment and Learning Activities

What role can student learning outcomes play in course planning?

In the process of BACKWARD PLANNING, we begin with student learning outcomes and use them to design activities, assignments and assessments that lead to the kinds of learning named in the SLOs.

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Please read Chapter 11, which describes how to create a thread that links our assessments and learning activities to our SLOs (and short-term objectives). The chapter presents a comprehensive menu of assignments and teaching methods, however you will likely know of others that could be added to the list. Click the following links for additional examples of synchronous or asynchronous learning activities.

The following organizers are designed to guide you in backward planning for a semester (Creating the Thread Organizer) and for each week in a semester (Creating the Thread: Weekly Planner)