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Adaptive Course Design

This guide enables faculty to design quality courses on Schoology. These courses can be taught remotely or traditionally. The main guiding feature of this LibGuide is the Adaptive Course Design Rubric.

Setting up the Gradebook in Schoology


Why use the Gradebook in Schoology

  1. It tells students their current standing in the course
  2. Grading can take place either in the gradebook or at the assignment level
  3. Flexible gradebook options for points, weights or categories
  4. Same gradebook can be used across linked classes
  5. Ability to excuse students from assignments without gradebook penalty.

Setting up the Gradebook

  1. Best place to start is with Grade Setup.  This allows you to create categories, (you can do this at the assignment level as well).
  2. If you have weighted categories, for example, all quizzes are worth 30% of the entire grade, make sure to weight the categories.  
  3. If your course is already weighted by points, for example the final exam is worth 200 points, paper is worth 150 points etc, you do not need to do anything.

Tips and items to think about

  1. If you want all your students to see their grade scores on an assignment all at the same time, make sure to unpublish the assignment, do your grading, then republish.
  2. Assignment not appearing in the Gradebook?  It is because it is not assigned a Category.  Go back to the assignment, click on edit, and give it a Category.

Setting up the Gradebook