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Adaptive Course Design

This guide enables faculty to design quality courses on Schoology. These courses can be taught remotely or traditionally. The main guiding feature of this LibGuide is the Adaptive Course Design Rubric.

5. Writing SLOs' and Short-Term Objectives

Chapter 2 presents several taxonomies of SLOs. Following are guiding questions for writing your SLOs:

  • Do your SLOs require higher, or more advanced levels of learning?
  •  Will students be able to practice the verbs in your SLO prior to being assessed?
  • Will you be able to observe and measure student progress during the semester?
  • Will your SLOs serve equally well in both a live or remote delivery format?

The above questions are also relevant for writing short-term objectives, which are helpful for planning individual chunks (e.g. weeks, units) of the semester. Short-term objectives are where we emphasize to students that learning foundational information and practicing new skills are important steps toward “putting it all together” by the end of the semester.