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Adaptive Course Design

This guide enables faculty to design quality courses on Schoology. These courses can be taught remotely or traditionally. The main guiding feature of this LibGuide is the Adaptive Course Design Rubric.

Lecture and Presentation Capture

Effective Recording of Class Content or Presentations:
Content for delivery in live or remote format is recorded for access at alternate times. Instructors and students are proficient in creating and uploading recorded content using available tools

Why Pre-Record a Lecture or Presentation?

  1. Allows students to review material before and after class
  2. Not all students can attend a live session
  3. Difficult concepts often need to be repeated

What should you consider recording?

  1. Faculty introduction to your course (easy place to start)
  2. PowerPoints, lecture material, (10 minute chunks or less)
  3. Requirements for an assignment
  4. Short how-to videos

What tools should I use for recording?

Check out the videos below that show you how to use:
  1. Screencastomatic
  2. Swivl
  3. Zoom
  4. PowerPoint
  5. Google Meet

Where does the video end up? (several options)

  1. Uploaded as a file to Schoology, (500MB or less). Schoology will then convert this file for others to view.
  2. Youtube, create you own channel and share the link back on Schoology
  3. Google Drive, with the shared link on Schoology,
    1. Video - Adding a Google Meet Recording to Schoology

Screencastomatic - Recording a screen or lecture

Screencastomatic -How to install it


Zoom - How to record your screen/lecture

Google Meet - How to record your screen/lecture



Swivl -  Recording a Lecture

Swivl - Recording a Whiteboard


PowerPoint -  How to record your PowerPoint