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Adaptive Course Design

This guide enables faculty to design quality courses on Schoology. These courses can be taught remotely or traditionally. The main guiding feature of this LibGuide is the Adaptive Course Design Rubric.

1. Overview of this module


Regarding terminology, the term student learning outcome (SLO) refers to those each course at Carthage is required to have, and which should appear in our syllabi. SLOs are long-term outcomes for an entire semester. The term short-term objective is used to describe sub-outcomes that students meet along the way to achieving the SLOs. Short-term objectives make transparent the relationship between any moment in the semester and where we will be at the end of the semester.

When looking at Figure 2.2 on page 29 in Chapter 2, it is helpful to regard the Ultimate Learning Outcome as the SLO for your course, and the mediating and foundational learning outcomes as short-term objectives.