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What are portfolios?


Through, any user of the Carthage community can create a number of documents or portfolios that can easily be shared with other Carthage members, or portfolio could be available for the public to view as well.  While there are a number of reasons to create portfolios, the ones that rise to the top are generally:

  1. Having students create a portfolio of work for a department highlighting specific items that they have created over the years
  2. Faculty creating portfolios to share with various members or offices on the campus, such as creating a portfolio of documents for the Personnel and Tenure committee to view

What are some of the unique features of this particular portfolio system?

  1. Templates can be created so that each user is using an exact copy of the original.  This is extremely helpful if a user needs to review content that requires a certain level of consistency in design.
  2. Permissions for owners, viewers, and editors have multiples levels with the addition of being able to add specific dates/times to those roles

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to get started!

So what are the various formats inside of this portfolio?

  • Wikis
  • Journals
  • Blogs
  • Discussion Boards