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Going Paperless: Going Paperless

Easy ways to go paperless

  1. Do not print out your syllabus and give it to every student on the first day of class.  Instead, upload a copy of your syllabus into Schoology.  Ask your student NOT to print it out either.  It will always be available electronically.
  2. Do not ask your students to turn in their written assignments on paper.  Why not have them all use the assignment feature feature in Schoology?  This also puts a time stamp on it, puts all the documents in one place for you to access.

Going Paperless

There are so many good reasons to go paperless in the classroom, but transitioning from a paper based environment to a digital environment does have its challenges.  Many issues revolve around how to comment on student work or how to gather information that students need to turn in to be graded.  Fortunately, there are a number of tools that effectively these issues in a way that not only saves you time but also allows for faster feedback directly to students in-between classes.

Some of these tools include:

  • Schoology - Leave brief comments for students on any assignment

  • Google Docs - Easy use of commenting and provides a great platform for peer work

  • Microsoft Review - Great tool for detailed commenting on work

  • Turnitin - Leave comments directly inside of eLearning, both written and voice

Check out the tabs at the top to see how each of these can be used!