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Distance Education - Student Quick Start Tech Guide

OneLogin - 2 factor authentication


Carthage utilizes a single-sign-on (SSO) solution called OneLogin. The goal is to consolidate how people authenticate into Carthage-related applications so we can manage access and promote better security practices through multi-factor authentication. Click on the link below or watch the video to the right to learn how to set it up.


Your Carthage username is generally your first initial and last name.  For example, if your name was Jane Doe, it would be jdoe, or perhaps jdoe4 if there were multiple Jane Does.  If you are a student, you should have received this  information from the Admissions office.

Your Carthage password is initially set to your first initial, last initial, ID number, and the word “Carthage.” (For a student named Jane Doe with an ID number of 12345, the initial password would be jd12345Carthage.) That password may be changed via OneLogin

(Instructions on changing passwords and resetting forgotten passwords can be found here.) Keep in mind that whenever you change your Carthage password via the password manager, your password will also change for your Carthage Gmail account.



From the Carthage Home page, click on Campus Tools at the top, then OneLogin to get started on setting up your 2 factor authentication.