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Grad School Prep & Testing: LSAT

Guides for navigating the processes of getting into graduate school


The LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) is a half day test administered by the Law School Admission Council

The Official LSAC Test Site has all accurate and updated information regarding the test, and will answer any questions you may have about registration and scoring. 


On-line and People Resources for Law Careers

Interested in a career in law?  There is more to it than just the LSAT.  To get more information on pursuing a law career at Carthage, you may want to consult these links and/or these people: - General information from the Carthage web site about Pre-law at Carthage - About the Carthage courses and majors recommended for students interested in a law career - Phi Alpha Delta, the law fraternity.  Student contact is Trevor Wiles (

You can also request to be added to the LSAT prep listserv and Google group - e-mail to with your request




LSAT Study Materials Available at Hedberg Library